Dining With Dana - Personal Chef, Baked Goods, In-Home Catering
Gift certificates are available in any denomination - contact Dana for details!
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(Payment must be sent before services are performed.)
Standard Services
A "meal" consists of an entrée and 2 sides
2 x 5 Plan - Prices start at $275
(5 servings of 2 meals)
3 x 5 Plan - Prices start at $375
(5 servings of 3 meals)
4 x 5 Plan - Prices start at $475
(5 servings of 4 meals)
5 x 5 Plan - Prices start at $575
(5 servings of 5 meals)
6 x 5 Plan - Prices start at $675
(5 servings of 6 meals)
An additional charge may be assessed for all-organic meals, meals using higher-end ingredients or meals for clients with special needs or dietary concerns.
Individual meals/dishes available - please call for pricing.
Baked Goods Menu
Breakfast/Dessert Breads
$13.00 each (except where noted)
Apple Pie
Chocolate Chip Banana Nut (V)
Chocolate Chip
Cinnamon Pecan
Cranberry Orange Walnut - Seasonal
Lemon Poppyseed
Mango Almond with Mango Glaze - Seasonal
Morning Glory - $15 Seasonal (V)
Peach Cobbler (V)
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
Piña Colada - made with or without rum (V)
Pumpkin Spice - Seasonal (V)
Strawberry Banana Walnut - Seasonal (V)
White Chocolate Macadamia - $15
Cakes With Homemade Frostings**
Almond Flavored Pound Cake - $25.00
Marble Pound Cake - $25.00
Mocha Almond Pound Cake (with chocolate drizzle) - $30.00
Sour Cream Pound - $30.00
EggNog Pound - $30.00 - Seasonal
Coconut Cake - $27.00
Chocolate Cake - $27.00
Marble Cake - $27.00
Red Velvet Cake - $27.00
Strawberry Delight Cake - $27.00
Double Caramel - $35.00
Vegan Sugar-Free Blueberry Cake with Walnut Topping - $25.00
(9" x 13" pan)

Oatmeal Craisin Walnut - $10.00 per dozen
(Raisins and/or chocolate chips may be substituted for craisins)
Snickerdoodles - $10.00 per dozen


Cream Cheese Brownies - $20.00 (9" x 13" pan)

New offerings are constantly being developed, including gluten-free items.  Got a favorite you’d like to see added to the menu?  Just ask!
(V) = Vegan version available, for an additional charge
Any item can be made gluten-free, with Truvia or Splenda, etc. (for an additional cost)
** Prices are for cakes that are standard bundt or two 8- or 9-inch layers.  Multiple or larger-sized layers, fruit compote toppings, and whipped or Chantilly cream available for an additional cost.
Contact me for prices and availability for intimate dinners for two, private dinner parties, individual or group cooking lessons, kitchen coaching, etc.
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